How Can Society Act Against Climate Change

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Some people believe we can act against climate change in many different ways. One way that society can act against climate change is to consider how certain action may affect some people in the future. According to an article science and humans help influence the climate tremendously. Many people also believe another way to respond to climate change is to always be prepared for current and future catastrophes. There is one way in which society can act against climate change by, considering how certain actions will affect the future generations. As Roman Krnaric stated in his article, Empathy and Climate Change, “we are failing to take the perspective of future generations who will have to live with detrimental effect of our continuing addiction to lifestyles that result in emissions beyond sustainable levels” (208). He is implying that society as a whole continuously do things that ultimately have a major impact on the environment. Krnaric thinks society do not show enough empathy and compassion for others and their family and …show more content…

In his article, “After Sandy, Rebuilding for Storms and Rising Sea”, Jervey focuses on the reconstruction that ultimately happened right after the devastating Hurricane Sandy. He stated that “Most cities and towns across the country are still ill prepared to deal with the worsening impacts of climate change” (164). Jervey was implying that if there is no solution implemented to prevent climate change, it’s effects will always remain as part of society’s everyday livelihoods. He basically directs his focus on preparing residents for a stable life after a major catastrophe. Climate changes are still undergoing studies by many people across the world. We as society must work together to ensure that human lives are secured and cherished when it comes to natural

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