Emperor Hirohito: The Emperor Of Japan

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A war had been raging, even before The United States got involved with the conflict, in Asia and Europe. Germany had been suffering, ever since they were defeated by the allies in World War 1, and it needed a leader to come to power and push the country in the right direction. Someone did come to power, his name was Hitler, and he wanted to control all of Europe and perhaps the world. However, Hitler was not alone in his endeavor for world power, there were many like him. Someone had a similar idea to hitler, he was known as Emperor Hirohito, The Emperor of Japan. Emperor Hirohito wanted to rule the Pacific, and as early as 1931 he had attacked and had battles with neighboring countries, most notably Manchuria. In 1939 however, Japan carried out one of their biggest invasions, the invasion of China, which …show more content…

The U.S. Government wanted to find a way to end the war quickly without sacrificing millions of Americans. So, they found one in the form of the atomic bomb. The Japanese were given warning, and a chance to declare unconditional surrender, however they didn’t respond. On August 6th, 1945 the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima and the second on 3 days later. The United States had no other practical option, the bomb saved millions of American lives by ending the war quickly, and not invading Japan in a “D-Day Style” invasion.

Many people think the United States shouldn’t have dropped the atomic bombs for many reasons. Some think that the use of the bomb was illegal, and/or racially motivated. I think both of these claims are false, and far from being practical. Others think there were alternatives to the atomic bomb being dropped. They believe that the U.S. could’ve done many things including a demonstrating the bomb, continuing conventional bombing, or just have let the Japanese keep their

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