Empire Rising Analysis

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Grace Masterson, an untutored artist in the book Empire Rising, is a strong-willed, independent woman with a gory past who worked to turn her life into something more. At the beginning of the book, she was introduced as an inebriated woman, who needed to come to terms with her past. Starting with her father being shot dead in Ireland, her family broke apart. As a child she was separated from her siblings, being sent all across the world, to be free from her country. She was first sent to London, then Spain. At 17, she married (Francisco) and had her first born (Sean). Traveling with the family, they went to Tampa, Florida; introducing her to the American life. Over that course of time, Grace became pregnant with her second son (Francisco Jr.). A little later, her husband died of a heart attack. Directly a month after that, newly born Francisco Jr., passed away in his sleep. All this agony caused her to long for a new start, which is why she decided to flee to New York with her last son. Unfortunately, he was hit by a cab, running home for dinner. Being deprived of everything valuable around her, Grace began to lose herself.She treated the New York streets as if she were the only person walking them. Over the years, she began to live her life aw head honcho Johnny Farrell’s mistress, tagging along playing Michael Brody's love interest also. Finally letting her guard down, she was able to let one of the two men in; which created the opportunity to find her “soulmate”, get rid

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