Employee Engagement And Employee Relationship

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In today 's corporate world, where reliability to organizations is fading fast, engagement has been growing by companies to maintain employees. Employee engagement is “a level of commitment and involvement of employees towards their organization and its value,” (Maslach, 2008). An engaged employee works with his/her colleagues to progress their productivity within their job, for the ultimate benefit of the organization. Effective managers have the talent to get things done by other employees. This is done by motivating employees to accomplish tasks. A manager must be able to represent these tasks to employees. Motivated employees will work with the manager to accomplish company objectives. Those employees who are displeased will work against company objectives. In this study it examines to see what enhances employee engagement or what can create the employee to be disengaged. Employee engagement drives employees ' motivation, job satisfaction, and loyalty to their companies. A manager’s capability to build solid relationships with employees generates engaging employees which then they can accomplish at the highest level and be a successful employee, (Judge, 2001). Employee motivation is seen as an important building block in the growth of effective businesses. A motivated employee symbolizes both a modest advantage and as a strategic asset in the corporate world, which is why the issue of building self-motivation in employees has sparkled interest in managers. Not…

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