Employee Jeanette R. Landis 's Case Study Performance Appraisal

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The case study has revealed that the employee Jeanette R. Landis has not per sea violated a specific rule that is fully defined in their company regulations. But in defense of the company’s sales quota requirements it is quite apparent that Jeanette is not making the grade to date and has not done so over the past 6 months. Jeanette is responsible for gaining new business and as described in the case study performance appraisal “Jeanette does not make new sales. Rather, she maintains customer orders for the same ad, run on the same day, for the same cost. She does not make attempts to win new customers or grow current accounts. This area needs severe improvement. It is recommended that Jeanette repeat sales training” (Bernardin & Russell, 2013, p.639). Additionally, it is apparent that from the appraisal form that Jeanette has attributes that are not being noticed that the company is benefiting from. This point is as follows based on the performance appraisal under the “Rating: meets Requirements; Comments: The sales Jeanette makes are processed appropriately. She reports then to me in an acceptable fashion, and she maintains customer accounts adequately” (Bernardin & Russell, 2013, p.639). Based on this very important quote from the employee appraisal it is very clear that Jeanette has a good handle on customer relations and is continuing to keep current customers satisfied with the services and products that the “Daily Register” has provided over time. To improve

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