Employee Responsibility Essay

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After understanding the business and its property, we must also seek to consider the employees and uncertainty arising from their day to day operations. Employees do the majority, if not all of the work for this business, especially in the production and delivery of product to consumers. Employers can be held liable for employees that have accidents in the course of their employment practices, whether they cause damage to the consumer or the employee themselves. For example, a consumer that is caused any sort of damages by the employee can choose to recover the damages by suing the restaurant. The employer would be held liable for these actions, and thus would have to deal with the issue and represent the employee in court. Further, the …show more content…

The restaurant produces food for its customers from raw ingredients that it services. This serves as a major risk for the business simply because sushi is a type of food that relies on raw fish as its primary ingredient. The chefs and owner must appreciate the importance of sourcing the raw materials from a qualified and certified source in order to guarantee the safety of the consumers that dine here. Employee negligence in sourcing the cooking ingredients can lead to major issues for customers, ranging from food poisoning, to viral and bacterial infections due to incorrectly managed inventory. This can create huge amounts of liability for the restaurant, as the same seafood is served to most if not all customers, leaving a large amount of consumers vulnerable to this risk. Sushi Niichi must not only seek to understand the source of the materials, but rather the entire supply chain of the food before it arrives in their kitchen. From supplier to inventory, transport, and ultimately Sushi Niichi, the entire supply chain is extremely relevant to ensure that the adequate standards are met in the product that this company is putting on the market. The main peril in this scenario would be that of employee negligence and/or supplier dishonesty. Finally, the last major area of risk that this company faces is that of financial insolvency. Because this small business would most likely need to

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