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Annotated Bibliography
Adams, S. (2013, October 11). The 10 skills employers most want in 20-something employees. Retrieved from Forbes:
Adams discusses ten skills that employers want when hiring employees. While her article was directed at twenty-something employees these skills are needed in all employees, not just twenty-somethings. She discusses that most of these skills are universal skills that a student will learn in college or school. She suggests looking at team projects or other jobs where a person has to learn how to "plan and prioritize"(Adams, 2013). Adams says that while students have learned these skills what …show more content…

These eight issues range from bad spelling and grammar on a resume to large gaps between jobs and Green explains what an employer is thinking when they see those red flags. This article will help the report by showing mistakes that many may not think about and can teach them how to avoid setting of any red flags.
Urschel, H. (n.d.). How employers review resumes: the secret for standing out. Retrieved from job-hunt:
During this article Urschel explains how in reality when an employer looks through a resume and how to make a resume stand out to an employer. Urschel explains how applications and resumes are sorted and tracked in both larger companies verses smaller businesses. He also gives four very precise ways to make a resume stand out to an employer. Urschel also explains that when an applicant is creating their resume they need to remember to look at their resume from the employer's perspective. By explaining all of these different parts of how applicants are chosen will help the report when explaining how to create a

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