What Color Is Your Parachute

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Introduction: What Color is Your Parachute is a practical manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers by Richard N. Bolles. According to TIME Magazine, What Color is Your Parachute is “One of the All-Time 100 Best Nonfiction Books.” What Color is Your Parachute consist of twelve (12) chapters. The chapters in the book describes different methods to assist Job-Hunters and Career-Change with finding their dream career. While reading What Color is Your Parachute, one will find advice about resumes, job vacancies, job interviews, salary negotiation and many other subjects relating to find a career. Bolles wrote What Color is Your Parachute to inform readers how the job-hunting process has change significantly; and to be words of encouragement…show more content…
According to Bolles, “the three most important rules, discovered by discourage job-hunters who were, in the end, successful was: 1. Never give up, 2. Never give up, 3. Never give up” (Pg. 99). In chapter six, Bolles introduces the “Parachute Approach” and compare it to the traditional job strategy. Bolles explains the Parachute Approach as a search within yourself. Bolles states “here you begin, not with the job-market but with yourself. You figure out who you are, and among all your gifts which ones you most love to use. Then (and only then) you go looking for organizations that match you” (Pg. 100). Also, in chapter six, Bolles describes the eleven best and worst tradition approaches to looking for a job and how effective these methods…show more content…
As outlined, each chapter offers useful tips to readers about strengthening their job-hunting skills. Readers may find the most useful tips in chapters one (1) two (2), four (4), five (5), eight (8), and twelve (12). While the full book is very useful, the stated chapters provide the realist skills needed when job hunting. Of all chapters, chapter eight may be the most important chapter because it emphasizes using the Parachute Approach when job hunting. The most important job tool should be pursuing a career that you are passionate about. Next, chapter two provides very helpful information about the internet and resume. Today, everything revolves around technology. With that said, employers are utilizing the internet to choose the best candidate for a vacant position. Informing individuals Google is being used as a resume is helpful. Chapter four provides tips about interviews, which is useful for individual with the fear of interviewing. Typically, individuals fail to have successful interview and it cost them a job. In chapter four, conversation #4 is very helpful because individuals usually go into interview without any questions. This leads to employers thinking the candidate is not very interested in the vacant position. Another powerful chapter in the book is chapter five. Salary negotiation is very helpful, especially for first time job seekers. In
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