Employment Decision Of Will Roberts

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Employment Decision of Will Roberts When a person is in the military, they have to make some very important decisions as they rise in the ranks. Often it is hard to get management to agree with you, due to the fact that some managers want all the glory. Through an open door policy program, bargaining, and negotiations a mission can be accomplished more successfully. Employment Decision Choice Fort Sill, Oklahoma sends out around 2,000 basic training Soldiers on a two week vacation during the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday. It is the job of the Fort Sill Emergency Operations Center to assist in the logistics and tracking of all these Soldiers from the base to the bus station or airport. Every two hours after this mission begins, it is a requirement to send out a PowerPoint presentation on the location numbers of each Soldier. This is difficult if you do not know exactly what the Colonel wants to send to the Commanding General of the base. The Colonel had an open door policy, but as a courtesy a person needs to talk to his direct supervisor first. We changed the slides so often during the departure of the Soldiers that my fellow coworkers got frustrated. One of the main reasons because lack of information and correct communication information between us, the Colonel, and the organizational representatives (both at the base, on the buses, and at the airport). These representatives were supposed to call us after a bus left the base, arrived at the bus station or airport,
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