Employment Relations Assignment : The Work Of Trade Unions

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1001EHR Employment Relations Assignment: Essay Mackenzie Cahill, s5016520, word count: 1510 “University graduates should join a union when they get their first 'real ' job. Critically evaluate”. The work of trade unions is aimed at educating and protecting the rights of employees and their working conditions. However, decline in union membership is a growing international problem, with the reasonable assumption that workers will be more successful in their fight for decent conditions if the have a collective organisation behind them (Furaker and Bengtsson, 2013). It’s supported that when management shows an interest in their workers and support their employees voice rights, well-being and inflate in productivity within an organisation will be achieved. It is now being advised that trade unions are viewed as unnecessary (Guest and Peccei, 2001). Though, unions give the workers a voice in an oppressive capitalist system. This paper with explore whether employees derive advantages from being involved in trade unions, or whether they do just as well without them. It is important that the employer satisfy their employees with the correct rights on which what they say may enhance the workplace and conditions and being a part of a union can and will allow employees this right. This paper will delve into the reasoning on whether the benefits out weigh the negatives of being in a union. This essay will first introduce why employee voice is important in the

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