Enamel Factory By Oskar Schindler

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During WWII a rich German man by the name of Oskar Schindler owned a company, which still stands today, called Enamel Factory. In that factory he had 1000 Jews working for him. When the Jews were gathered up and sent into the camps, Schindler’s Jews sent also, by a faulty. They weren’t supposed to be sent away. So Oskar, and his trusted Accountant, Itzhak Stern, also Jewish, came up with a plan to save his “company” as he excused, but was really saving lives! He did some string pulling, which took a long time, and sold (or bribed) his way into getting those people back. By the time Germany was bombed, Schindler being a former Nazi, was hunted down by the Nazi Party. He had to leave Germany, and when he did the 1000 Jews made him a ring, Oskar,
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