Encryption and Its Uses in Communication

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Encryption is a very important aspect of our daily lives. Everywhere we go and everything we do now involves some sort of encryption technology. From turning on our cars to using a card access to gain entry to our workplace, encryption is there. More specifically, encryption in communication is a vital component to everyday life. Without encryption, our lives would be much different and unsecure. According to Oded Goldreich (2004), There are 2 main types of encryption: One is called Symmetric-key and the other is public-key encryption (pp 375-376). The Symmetric-key algorithm uses the same cipher for both encryption and decryption. Conversely, the public-key algorithm requires 2 separate keys. One of these keys encrypts the text or…show more content…
Even common household devices such as refrigerators now have WiFi access. Thermostats also can be controlled via the internet now. As you can see, technology is ever evolving and growing. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. Encryption is a great tool that is protection the assets of many companies. Referring back to an access card, companies rely on these to protect their buildings from unwanted access. Encryption definitely protects digital assets too. Many software products that we use are protected by a license or authentication key. This key is a special encrypted phrase that grants access to the software. It can prevent people from stealing software without paying for it. While some companies are viewed as being greedy, in all honesty it does cost time and money to develop software and products that people want to buy. These products need to be secured in the interest of the company because it is in human nature to be dishonest, disloyal, and to be a thief in many cases. Going back almost ten years, companies were looking for ways to prevent game stealing. A pioneer in the gaming industry, Valve, took action by suspending 20,000 users who had stolen their software (GameSpot). While this was an example of how encryption was used to catch thieves, encryption can also be used to prevent unauthorized access. This is the case in many industries such as the
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