Endangered Animals In Zoos

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Many different species have become endangered. However, before they could become extinct, zoos try to find ways to save, breed, and protect those endangered species, bringing them back to life. Zoos are able to nurse a species back to fruition. This can also relate back to the breeding that zoologists are doing research on, as well as the other different types of research that they are finding while researching endangered species. Within an article based on mammal’s life span within zoos, the author, Danny Stanton speaks of the research that zoos take on their animals. “Years of research have improved all aspects of managing animals in human care. Most zoos believe in managing animals scientifically based on what has been learned about their biology, behavior, social structures, health, and nutrition” (Stanton). Not only do zoos thrive in the research side of helping endangered or hurt animals, but they are also able to help the animals back to full health after injuries from their natural wild habitat. Already injured animals can thrive in the zoos because they are able to work with trainers to regain their full strength back. Then once the full strength is returned to the animal, they have to high possibility of being able to go back into their natural environment. However, sometimes the wild has to slowly introduced to them so they can learn to survive on their own again or they are protected and kept in the zoos if it is not safe for them. With that and the research,
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