Wildlife Conservation : Endangered Species Of Animals

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Did you know that there are over one thousand endangered species of animals in the world as of today? Wildlife Conservation is the proceeding of saving animal and plant species from becoming endangered. If they are already endangered, people set up ways to save the species from becoming extinct. Extinction is when a species is no longer on Earth and the species will no longer be reproduced. In this essay we will discuss the issue of Wildlife Endangerment caused by human activities, natural causes, and some ways that people are trying to fix the issue as a whole. Humans are becoming an increasing problem on wildlife endangerment every single day. Our homes and cities take up many animal and plant habitats. When the animals and plants lose their habitat they have nowhere else to go. The animals have to migrate away from the city’s and houses which could be very bad because they may not be suited to succeed in their new environment. The plants can’t move away from the cities or houses so they usually end up dieing because humans cut down trees and plants that stand in the way to make the houses and big buildings in the city. To make the houses we need wood from trees as a building block for the structure of the building. Humans chop down whole forests in order to get the wood. This is know as Tree Deforestation. In a forest there are an abundance of plants that live on the ground and even on the trees. There are also many species of insects, reptiles, mammals, and birds that

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