Ender's Game Identity Analysis

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Ender’s Game Essay The struggle for identity within Ender’s Game was a common theme throughout the book. Ender’s Game is a book about a boy named Ender who was recruited into the battle school in hopes of unlocking his true potential so he could command the IF as he was humanity’s last hope. His main goal would be beating the buggers who are an alien species who launched two invasions on Earth and Ender was told that a third one would eventually come. Characters such as Ender are pushed to their limits while others hide behind a false identity in hopes of making a change. These characters change as the book progresses on and several instances show the reader the changes that are happening. Ender has struggled to find his identity several times throughout the story. For example, “I can’t beat them, “ Ender said softly. “I’ll be out there like Mazer Rackham one day, and everybody will be depending on me, and I won’t be able to do it” (p. 241). Ender shows how he starts to doubt both his skills and capabilities as a leader. He feels unfit for the job despite his results in battle school and in Eros with Mazer…show more content…
As evidence, “Ender, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know how it feels, I’m sorry, I’m your brother, I love you” (15). Peter’s attitude towards Ender was usually violent as Peter liked to beat up Ender and threaten him along with Valentine. Peter had also just beat up Ender after he had gotten his monitor out however, Peter was apologizing to Ender for the things that he’s done. Peter seems to regret his past decisions as an older brother and wants to change for the better. There isn’t enough of plot to conclude that Peter has truly changed his attitude towards Ender as he seemed to still threaten Valentine and is still sadistic. It could be that Peter was just saying that to mess with Ender or Peter truly had a struggle for identity and he truly regretted his

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