Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card Essay

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Young kids can be easily affected by their surroundings. They learn from the roles of their teachers and their fellow students and peers. This is clearly demonstrated in Ender’s Game, a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card. It shows how Ender Wiggin, a very young boy, is put into a position of leadership and what he learns through this experience, Through a computer game, Ender learns that he is a very clever killer. Through his experience as commander, Ender learns that being strict will help him be a better leader and win games. Finally, his experience with Shen and Bernard teaches Ender that having humor will easily allow him to make friends. Overall, Ender’s experience in Battle School teaches him many things about …show more content…

Overall, Ender learns many things about himself through his experience in Battle School. Ender’s experience as commander in Battle School teaches him that being strict will help his army win games. When first being assigned commander, Ender knows that he needs to treat the Launchies just like how he was treated. This means that he needs to incorporate discipline on his new Launchies. While they are dressing, Ender orders them to run to the practice room, and when some of them don’t dress quickly enough, he yells, “Dress faster next time… next week the rule is two minutes” (158). Right from the start, Ender takes a gamble and utilizes strong disciplinary tactics on his rookies. Ender knows that his true potential was only reached after being pushed to his limits. Therefore, he attempts to exploit this same objective with the Launchies. The tactics can only be considered effective if demonstrated in the game scores, however. Ender and his Dragon Army experience many victories following their many grueling practice sessions. Following the games, “Dragon Army had fought seven battles in seven days. The score stood 7 wins and 0 losses” (186). Ender finds out that his rigorous training sessions produced a perfect army who wins every game. Ender pushes his Launchies to their absolute limit and later is able to face an expert army. Through his skillful leadership, Ender teaches his rookies how to meet the challenges of the

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