Energy For Today And Tomorrow

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Energy for Today and Tomorrow Understanding the energy sources of today and the energy sources tomorrow is a something that our society should take great notice of. Identifying what energy sources is used in our day to day life and what we can do to ensure that our energy sources will be around for generations to come, is an important issue that should be considered. From renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, society must learn of ways to conserve what we have and find new ways to produce energy for tomorrow. What is known about the energy sources of today and what we can learn about the energy sources of tomorrow must be understood to guarantee that the light of our future is always lit. Energy Self-Assessment Considering was is being used within my home, where I work and how is travel is a step to understanding what energy is being consumed. Within my home are two sources of energy that is providing power to make my home a desirable and livable place. Electricity is the main source of energy used in my home. It supplies energy to ensure the appliances and lighting, as well as the tank less water heater, are all operating as prescribed. Natural gas is only used in the winter to heat my home using a natural gas furnace. Where I work, also power by electricity and my travel is power by gasoline. In the state of Mississippi, electricity is a nonrenewable energy source that is supplied by the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, located in Port Gibson, Miss., which is owned
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