Energy Sanctions Case Study

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Russia, Iran, and North Korea are three countries that have been up for recent discussion in regards for increased United States sanctions. These sanctions are often used to enforce laws or certain ideas. The Office of Economic Sanctions Policy and Implementation (SPI) “enforces and maintains sanctions in order to maximize their economic impact on target but minimizing the damage to U.S. economic interest”. Energy sanctions are often implemented for reasons including human rights issues, terrorism exportation, and national aggression. Sanctions can be put on a country by just the United Sates or Internationally. Countries such as Russia can be put under sanctions due to their violation of human rights. Iran is questioned for increased…show more content…
This shows their inability to support their local civilians. Making it a key reason that Russia has been placed under increased United States sanctions in the past. More recently Russia has been looked at for increased sanctions due to their apparent meddling in the United States previous election. It is hard to determine if previous sanctions greatly impact the economy and country as a whole. It is said that it could simply be the fall in oil prices because, “Sanctions hit at the same time the price of oil, a major export and source of revenue for the Russian government, dropped dramatically, by more than 60% between the start of 2014 and the end of 2015” (Nelson, 2017). Even with the fall in oil prices the sanctions had to play some role in the dropped revenue and down grading economy. With these sanctions affecting the financial situation that Russia is experiencing it does not change the fact that they are still treating their civilians with poor respect for their human rights. Human rights are not the only reason increased sanctions could be considered, another reason could be their support for terrorism exportation. Second, sanctions can be increased due to terrorism exportation. Terrorism exportations can be described as state sponsored terrorism. Which basically means that a country is supporting violence against their civilians or other countries civilians. Iran is being considered for increased sanctions due to their support of terrorism. These
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