Engl 135 Final Draft Essay

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Technology and its Effect on Social Isolation DeVry University Technology has an impact on almost everyone’s lives these days. People communicate with Facebook and text messages other than calling people on the phone or actually going to visit that person. This is becoming a problem, because the more involved with technology we are the less we are involved with socialization. Imagine a world where all we have is computers everywhere and they do everything for us, would people remember how to interact with one another? This is the problem I don’t want to see happening, so many companies are trying to think of the latest and greatest technology and don’t care about the effect on the …show more content…

Source: eMarketer (2014). In our future, our use of technology is just going to get worse. There is going to be more and more devices that we use to make our lives easier as humans. Think about Google for instance, they are coming out with glasses that have TV screens in them. This technology is called Google Glass and it is still in the testing phase. The glasses have Wi-Fi built into them which is another reason it will cause social isolation. Instead of having people being on there phones, they are now going to be watching TV and interacting with the glasses. It is technology like this that we have to learn how to control our urges and prevent it from consuming our lives. We need to be able to determine when enough is enough and to take a break. Instead of having people worrying about how many friends they have on Facebook or how many followers they have on twitter they need to worry about themselves. Having an internet addiction is not a good thing to have. It can cause you to lose your friends and family because you are so focused on your online life that it is your escape from reality. The problem is with the internet is that we can hide behind it and we don’t have to be our true selves. We can make up someone who were not and that is perfectly ok because you are on the internet. We need to have people remember that it is better to interact with your friends and family. Give the

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