England and Spain´s Strategies to Conquer the New Land Essay

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Every schoolchild knows that “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” This voyage was the gateway to an age of exploration, triumph, and ruin. Columbus’s voyage introduced the world to a new land and many opportunities. Powerful countries immediately scrambled to grab as much of it for themselves as they could. Two of the most powerful ones were England and Spain. Both wanted a piece of the new land, a way to grow economically or to escape persecution. Even though they had similar goals in mind, England and Spain had vastly different strategies.

English settlers in the colony of Jamestown, founded in May 24, 1607, were welcomed by the natives when they came over. They were given feasts and gifts. “We were entertayned with much Courtesye …show more content…

It shows that while the Spanish had an original goal of converting the natives to Christianity, somewhere along the way they lost control of their greed and their cruelty spiraled out of control. The Spanish conquistadors wanted the natives to give them gold, but the fact was that the natives simply didn’t have it in the enormous amounts that the conquistadors wanted. The conquistadors worked the natives until they died, or simply killed them. “For it is the Spaniards’ custom in their wars to allow only young boys and females to live being to oppress them with the hardest, harshest, and most heinous bondage to which men or beasts might ever be bound into.” p.2 This quote explains how when conquering the natives, the conquistadors killed everyone except young people, who were then subjected into human slavery. Over the summer, we had read a book called “Sold” by Patricia McCormick. The main character, Lakshmi, has her innocence taken advantage of and is sold into sex slavery. She is routinely tortured in the job she once thought was being a maid in the city. Although different in some ways, these two events are alike. THe natives never meant any harm, but the conquistadors took advantage of their innocence. “Terrible things that the tyrants did

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