Essay English: A Friend or Foe?

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Today English is the language of international law, international politics, business and diplomacy. Day by day more minor languages disappear, and English becomes more commonly used and global. Scholars argue about how globalization of English and bilingualism around the world would affect other languages and cultures. Most of my friends think that bilingualism and globalization of English will improve the lives of people around the world; however, the situation will only encourage competition and will lead to a survival of the fittest situation.

Knowing English constitutes an advantage in the contemporary world. Modern Age made communities and nations come closer through advanced communication channels, and today world communities are
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Expanding the use of English in other aspects of life will not be hard. People will not reject it since it is already in their lives. The globalization of English will continue, maybe at the same speed or maybe in an accelerating movement.

Moreover, English is enhancing international communication in terms of channel usage. Globalization and the age of communication made it possible to reach farthest parts of the world. Internet, mobile phones and other means of mobile communication allow people to reach information whenever they want. However, one must know English to utilize these means of communications because English is the language of technology. 90 percent of the Internet is in English so if you do not know English you are missing 90 percent of the information. Moreover, most of the computer programs are developed for English speakers. An update for other languages takes long to be released. So if you do not know English, maybe you will fail to use a widely accepted computer program. Furthermore, means of mobile communication involves English, too. As a result, English had become the both the language of technology and communication, and made it possible for people from all around the world use channels of communication such as the Internet.

English seems to be a friend of intercultural communication; however, it is a threat to non-English cultures. Globalization brought

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