English And Social Studies Class

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Everyone’s eyes were on the whiteboard as my teacher began writing what we all dreaded. The fourth hour bell had just rung in my 10th grade honors English class, and I was just as nervous as my classmates as I read out the words on the board. It was time for our “In-class essay test”, which our teacher announced would be given out randomly this week. The notion of writing essays for the class never made me worried, but the fact that this one would be written in-class and completely graded on grammar usage concerned me, along with my classmates. My teacher fixed his glasses and began setting the timer, after handing out the news story that we were tasked to write about. I took a deep breath and began writing, hoping for the best. A week after that hour of painstaking writing, I was surprised to find that I got a perfect score. That event first opened my eyes to the types of classes I shine in. I predominantly succeed in English and social studies class. I attribute my success to the nature of the classes, my study habits in those classes, my relationship with teachers and students in the class, and, above all, my family pushing me along the way. The first factor I noticed that helped me thrive in English and social studies classes is how they are usually structured. One of the unique characteristics of these classes was that they were discussion based classes. Along with being able to express your ideas freely, the classes also give students a chance to reflect on

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