Reflection On Social Studies

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Reflection We had a great time conducting this lesson with the class! We found it difficult to choose an activity that would engage kids, university students, while also incorporating the element of Social Studies. However, we were all pleasantly surprised at how much the group actually loved our game, and how engaged they were! Due to the time constraint of only 15 minutes, we chose to play our main game “the Mayan Ball game”, and simply discuss with the rest of the class our idea of our warm up and cool down games and their themes. We had a backup plan to play the Egyptian stick game if we needed to fill more time. However, as mentioned, the class seemed to really enjoy the game and remained engaged the whole time, thus giving us the…show more content…
This worked well, however, it would have been better if we had two balls so mitigate the wait time, but we only had one so we made due. Furthermore, we made one more change in delivery following the first group. During our introductory discussion with the first group, we did not make mention of the sacrifice of the team captain until the very end of the game. Thus, we thought it would be fun to actually pick a team captain before beginning play, so that at the end of the game, we could tie in the importance of winning the game in order to avoid the sacrifice of the captain. This turned out to be a good decision because following the end of the game, we asked for team captains to step forward, we celebrated the winning team, and made mention of the terrible loss the losing team was about to experience. We filled them in on the news that their captain would now be sacrificed and explained why. This allowed us to conclude the game bringing in yet another fact about the Mayan culture and tradition. It also made the end of the game more entertaining and fun! Considering teamwork was the foundation of our game, we thought it would be best to divide the group in two equal halves. However, in a class setting, it would be fun to start the teams small, dividing the gym in two and having four teams. This would allow students to warm up and get used to the footwork and teamwork required to be
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