English Class Reflection

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Taking a collage level English class at 40 is an intimidating task, no matter who you are. I have always had a pretty healthy grasp of writing, and have done it for fun most of my life. I loved to read in elementary school and found a new affection for writing in middle school when I was part of the UIL ready writing team for the seventh grade. Coming in to the collage level class was still a daunting undertaking simply because it has been so long since I had been graded on my work! Writing to someone else's standard is intimidating after 27 years of only writing for my own entertainment. I was unsure what to expect in this class because I have never taken an English comp course and I only finished the 8th grade, so I have no high school experience to draw from. Through the weeks of this course I have learned new processes for research, topic selection, and essay structure, as well as other useful skills like building a website and giving an oral video report. I have grown as a writer over the course of this class in many ways, from my organization skills to the proofreading process. The structure of this class was very interesting for me to learn a new way to think about writing. I had never written a paper in segments, but after the first assignment I could see the benefit of focusing on one section at a time instead of diving in and getting lost in the totality of the work. Allowing the focus on one section at a time prevents a writer from becoming overwhelmed and

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