English Globalisation Assignment : Slaves Of Fashion Essay

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English Globalisation Assignment Year 10 2016 Hamish Watson Slaves of Fashion Slavery, shoes and society are all linked through the entrepreneur’s buzzword, Globalisation. Society is engrossed with unnecessary entropy, superfluous shoes and slavery. The prospects of globalisation drown out the screams of those stabbed with the short end of the stick; the workers. These impoverished people are forced to work in slave like conditions on products they could never afford. Society’s need for labels, combined with manufacturer’s need for money, drive the modern day slave ring. The multinational conglomerate that uses child labour and disadvantaged people to make a profit needs to be called out. These practices cannot continue, but we must act now. The sweatshops erected in disadvantaged villages have the goal of bringing jobs, income and a stable economy. In fact, they do the opposite. The factories are outdated, under maintained and the people that work there are under paid. In one of the Indonesia factories, the housing of the workers is lined with open sewers. In wet season, water levels can rise driving raw sewage into the homes of the workers. The workers live in housing quarters, similar to slums, in groups. Up to 10 people share one bathroom, one kitchen, one laundry and often share sleeping quarters. These hardworking, underprivileged and abused people live on just $1.25 USD a day. After paying rent, transportation, water and electricity the people are left on about 7,000

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