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World Literature Assignment 1

“Tracing how anger shapes the transformation of Tita in Laura Esquivel’s, Like
Water for Chocolate and Esteban Trueba in Isabelle Allende’s,The House of The Spirits”

Love is strong affection and attraction towards somebody, The glow of love lights the dullest of lives. But what happens when love is lost? Loss of love shapes the life of a character; it can alter it completely. Loss of love also triggers anger within a person, and that’s what happens to Tita from Like Water for Chocolate and Esteban Trueba from The House of the Spirits.
Between Like Water for Chocolate and The House of The spirits, my points of comparison are: how the two characters were …show more content…

If it had been Rosa, he would let her do whatever she wishes, but not Clara: his heart had been hardened by loss of love; he does not wish to love anybody else, much less Rosa’s sister.
But with time, he comes to adore her. Esteban despairs Clara because she treats him like everyone else. He tries to make her jealous by going to brothels but it doesn’t work- Clara is as impassive as her. Esteban’s love for Clara is “the most powerful emotion of his life”. The underlying reason was loss of love; the emotional breakdown he had been through opened up new gaps in him, and Clara filled those gaps perfectly. His fondness and besottedness for Clara grew to such an extent that he banished his sister Ferula from the house out of suspicion: he thought of Ferula’s love for Clara to be too intimate for friendship. This in turn reflects his possessiveness for Clara.
Esteban meets Count Jean de Satigny and entertains the idea of his marriage with Blanca. But the conniving Count informs Esteban about Blanca’s relationship with Pedro Tercero. Esteban beats Blanca with a horse whip and when Clara defends the young lovers, Esteban punches her in the face, knocking out her teeth; he turns into a monster of brutality. He releases his temper, rage and frustration which he stored when he lost Rosa and after suffering through Clara’s rejections of him.
The birth of Blanca’s daughter Alba sweetens Esteban. The new born ‘star- struck’ girl

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