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Analysis of the Missionaries Coming to Nigeria In the book Things Fall Apart, the author Chinua Achebe gives the reader a privileged insight into the life of the Ibo civilization. Morals and beliefs of the Ibo people were major factors that were pointed throughout the book in many ways. The Ibo civilization is very rich in tradition, culture, and religion before the missionaries came to convert them to Christianity. The missionaries overlooked these features, and compared them as savages. They say “live your beliefs and you can turn the world around” (Henry Thoreau), but what happens when the world has slowly turned around you? The missionaries tried and made everything in their power to a more European life-style around their …show more content…

The evil forest was recognized for the same reason Americans recognizes a haunted house of evil spirits and demons. I would’ve felt tormented to see a church alone being built in a graveyard just because. Achebe gives the reader a great insight and imagery of what is thrown there an abomination to their culture. If somebody betrayed peace week, they were dragged alive in the dirt till they died and was thrown in the evil forest. At times prisoners would be sent there to face chargers for their wrong doings, so it was only so they took the evil forest for their culture. Imagine going to jail, and sent to a haunted demonized house for murder, I wouldn’t personally be pleased with such consequences nor would anybody else. It was bound to understand why the Ibo people have a place like the evil forest. The missionaries did everything the way they shouldn’t have; as if anything didn’t matter but their own ways of living. From the moment the missionaries stepped foot in the Ibo community, they already interrupted the Ibo people as being savages. They made fun of their language calling it buttock’s but even yet broke all religion, and traditional buriers. What the missionaries didn’t seem to understand is that what they believed in as being an abomination so could’ve the Ibo people. They were many examples Achebe stressed upon this matter, but the outcome is what lead to Okonkwo’s death. All Okonkwo wanted was to

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