English Reflection

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This past semester, was my first semester back in school after my two year vacation following high school. When I walked into English 101 the first day I was a little bit nervous; I was worried that I had forgotten everything, and english was never my strong point to begin with. I Immediately felt a sense of relief after a couple weeks passed and I got my gears turning again. We would go over all of the basic elements of a good piece of writing, try to identify them ourselves, and then discuss our opinions with other classmates. This really helped refresh me on all of the forgotten writing skills I learned in K-12. One of the many in class activities we would participate in would be to read an article from our book, and then answer the questions that follow at the end of the chapter. These readings would often help me confirm my understanding on the proper use of certain techniques, and inspire me to try new things with my own writing. One of my favorite readings that really influenced me as a writer was the article about women in the computer programming scene. I enjoyed the reading as the topic was insanely interesting, but even more so I enjoyed dissecting the authors writing style and some of the techniques they used. One of the questions we were asked was to identity what the author was referring to by “pipeline problem.” I found it very interesting how easily the entire class was able to come to the same conclusion, all because the author properly stated the problem

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