English Reflection

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I’ve finally finished English 102 with more confidence than I came in with. Any time the word English crosses my mind I think of long essay and multiple writing prompts. Not your standard limited five page essays or writing prompts but unlimited, creative writing with rhetoric and using every appeal necessary. This year I went into English 102 with a goal to become a better writer and be able to use this class with my everyday life and classes. From week one thru three, I didn’t think this was the right class for me because I really couldn’t stay focused in class. I felt like I barely understood the lesson and all I had to do was take test online and do a learning activity for easy points. I never was a good test taker so reading the lesson was pointless to me. As the class went on I later found out that the eBook and learning activity were based on the topics we were supposed to learn. Towards the fifth week, I utilized every assignment that the professor was giving me. I realized that doing those activities helped me get better at writing non limited essay. I was extremely nervous to write my first essay which had to be a research report. I chose to do my essay on nursing and the different fields of it. I have never done a research report before so I was nervous and thought I would get a bad grade on it. With every writing project, there was a peer review. The peer review is what helped me better organize my ideas. Instead of writing the essay for four weeks and turning

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