English Reflection

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Taking english at the college level has really opened my eyes. That I must really apply myself to become better in my school work. When I was in high school I would only do what was asked. Nothing more, nothing less because I just wanted to do the bare minimum to get by. Which was about a C or B grade and I was okay with that. However, now in english 105 I have been faced with challenges throughout the course. Consisting of reading, writing and critical thinking, key components in the class to improve on. Practicing them in english class, but also my other classes which has helped. Since entering college I learned that I must not take anything for granted. The teachers are always there, and sometimes provide a teacher assistant to help us. Setting us up for success throughout the semester. In the beginning of the semester I wasn’t applying myself to the fullest, however convincing myself that I could work hard, and pass with the help of my teacher I could accomplish that.

Entering the semester reading has been one of my many struggles throughout the english classes I have taken. I don’t really like reading, but it’s probably because I have a hard time understanding at times. Also it seems it goes in one ear and then goes out the other which makes it harder to remember what happened. However reading the books we did in class changed my perspective on reading just a bit. Before reading we were shown how to properly annotate, and talk to the text to dig deeper. Our first

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