English Class Reflection

Satisfactory Essays

Before taking this class I never liked my English classes more specifically writing essays for them. I didn’t understand much of how to use strategies while writing essays and focuses little on learning it. By taking this class and using the strategies that I was provided with it made taking this class easy and enjoyable while writing analytical essays. I was willing to put in the effort and do my part in order to get a good grade in this English class and it worked. I feel that my performance in an English class has improved significantly.
My Growth as a Writer

The first day of class I wasn’t confident in my writing especially writing analytical essays. On the first day we rated our writing attitude on a scale of 1-5 and in the beginning of the semester mine was a 3. Now after taking this class, looking back as my essays I rate myself a 4 on scale. Activities that I found that supported my growth as a writer was connecting the Big Ideas to my essay as well as making connections to other experiences. Also what made me grow as a writer was the fact that when we did essays in class and on our own we started from the middle rather than starting with the introduction and not knowing where to start. This helped with writing our character analysis in Unit 2 The Ron Clark Story.
Learning in 1301 A couple of class activities that encouraged me to feel confident about learning were getting in groups, one on one conferences, and whole class discussions. Getting in

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