English Reflection Paper

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Like most new occasions in life, you must go in with an open mind and remain possessing this sort of mindset throughout the duration of the encounterment. This is the tactic I chose in regards to this class, English Composition 1. The reason I say this is because of one specific reason and one specific reason only. That reason being: I haven't always had the best luck with English professors in and throughout grade school. Attempting not to pick fun, I have not always been a huge advocate for my past professor’s teaching styles. A common response to this may be “That’s your issue.” And it is undoubtedly my personal issue that I had to come to terms with. If my learning style differs to that of a professor’s, it is my responsibility to alter things. For example, my senior year of high school, I qualified to be apart of Advanced Placement (AP) Writing. It was a class, in which you were required to meet certain criteria upon admission. They looked at things like your ACT score, in regards to both Reading and Writing, as well as your overall academic performance. Within this class, students were able to qualify for contests, in hopes that their essay was chosen as the best. That being said, I was given the opportunity to read my commemoration essay in front of the entire school and many visitors on Veterans Day my senior year of high school. My essay is still being used as an example for the up and coming AP students, in regards to the commemoration unit within this class.

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