Enlightenment In The 1700s Essay

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During the 1700s, America and Europe was in the era of Enlightenment. When mankind was evolving from centuries of inexperience into a new age of development by reason, science, and reverence for civilization. What was influenced by human purpose, cultured the natural laws, and the natural rights of mankind that resulted into progress in knowledge, and actual success were people of the Enlightenment. What also led to the increase of new religious idea was Deism. Deism is a belief in God as a great creator or architect who had generated the universe then permitted it to function like a machine or clock without divine interference.
The new concept during the Enlightenment was, actually, an idea that people who are more prosperous should support those who are less prosperous. People’s religious beliefs alleged people who was unsuccessful, it was God’s will to punish them. During the 1700s, Economic, Political, Religion, and Social, was mostly fought over within a country to declare who has the throne. Even though it was less security in the 1700s, monarchies …show more content…

There were major social variations, as a result, the political and economic changes during the eighteenth century. The former inelastic class system built on innate positions of nobility and wealth became less secure. There were also most important religious changes during the 1700s. What resulted people to not believe in God was the affairs in the community, and that resulted to be a decline in church power. When the natural laws were continuing to get discovered, many people believed that when things happen, it was cause by God’s will. Many people didn’t feared God, and religious responsibilities were no longer the first unease of people. Alexander Pope, a famous English poet, wrote a rhyming couplet (two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme) that describes well the attitude of the

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