Enroll in a Closed Campus Essay

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Internationally there are many college campuses that are closed so that the productivity as well as the safety of the school are increased. A closed campus, in Asian countries such as China and South Korea, are set up where walls are built around the college campus so that only students or faculty may enter the premises. The students of closed campuses probably have less stress and higher grades, thus higher productivity. Albeit students have more freedom to do whatever they wish to do on an open campus, students are developing a need to enroll in a college with a closed campus due to, all needs or wants being available on campus, less traffic, and the overall safety for students and faculty. Having an open campus would help students, …show more content…

Students who leave campus to go to retail stores for products can also find those goods on campus in places such as the café, book store, or gifts shops. Common needs such as poster boards, pencils, pens, and highlighters are always available to purchase in book stores so that students do not have to leave campus to buy necessary school supplies. Commodities such as restaurants are available around the clock. Many famous restaurants, though many being fast food, set up shops within college campuses. Students can enjoy a wide variety of options ranging from pizza to ethnic cuisines right there on campus all day long. College students eternally need a place to rest so that they may relax after a long day’s work. Often, students go to the quad and play a game of catch with friends. Students can go to the recreational “rec” center where swimming pools, hot tubs, workout machines, and gaming stations are available at the students’ disposal. Having areas where students may relax around campus is the better alternative, opposed to having to leave campus to relax. Resources that students need or want are better off located near students so that they may enjoy them immediately. Many four year universities students bring vehicles with them on move-in days. These students keep their cars at the universities parking lots, making them crowded. Vehicle traffic on campuses featuring

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