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ENSR International Which of the proposed solutions do you favour and why?
 Of the 3 options provided, I would choose to implement Anderson’s key account program for several reasons: 1. It will help align employee compensation with overall corporate profit objectives. CSC managers are currently compensated based on their CSCs profit performance. This gives managers the incentives to employ their own CSC consultants on projects from the region, regardless if there are better-suited ENSR consultants working under different CSCs. Depending on the specific needs of a prospective client in the manager’s region, the CSC may or may not contain the necessary expertise to win a project. Implementing a key account program will allow the…show more content…
Therefore, ENSR might lose out on several clients because the BDOs aren’t able to provide clients with the right knowledge and expertise. 4. In some RFPs, the bid requires the consultant to outline the scientific approach that they would take in resolving the conflict presented. This is a section of the RFP that drives cost and time required to complete the RFP. By implementing a key account program, consultants will be put on projects where they have expertise, and this should allow this process to be as resource efficient as possible. 5. In the case, it states that it is common for some companies to begin discussions with consultants well in advance of actually drafting and distributing an RFP. These discussions helped the company to conceptualize more clearly the nature of the project and the specific consulting needs. Having a key account team will guarantee that the client is getting the right type of expertise, and will increase ENSR’s chance of including its own insights into the drafting of the RFP. What is the ideal client for ENSR? The ideal Client for ENSR is clients who have strong relationships with ENSR consultants. ENSR gains from having repeat customers, notably customers willing to partner with ENSR for a sole source contract. Having strong relationships reduces the amount of expended company resources (consultant time and money). Consultants will then be able to spend less time prospecting clients and building relationships,
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