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Entering the Conversation:
At any age, the idea of knowing that everyone is in this world for a reason can be mind boggling. At the age of eleven, Harry just knew that his parents died when he was young and that he was an ordinary child that had absolutely no idea about the world that he had really come from. Though he was intentionally uninformed about his reality, he always knew that there was some aspect of himself that he knew he did not know about since there were things that he was able to do that he knew others couldn’t. He always knew that he could do things, in the heat of moments, the others could not even fathom. But when he learned about his reality, his parents, and his life up to the moment, he knew that he held an important role in the magic world. He, eventually, did end up discovering that he held a certain prophecy that was considered a threat to a single person that he would come to know as an enemy, and that he would annihilate: Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as ‘Voldemort.’ But that is it; it was a singular prophecy that led to the inevitable duel between Harry Potter and Voldemort (Talamo, Joseph A.). Not just now, but for a very long time, our world runs on psychological, or cognitive, suggestions. No matter where you go, to a wedding, an interview, a school, prayer edifice, or even just watching TV, you will always be told or shown something along the lines of what your role in this world is (Beach, Sara Ann). Everyone is believed to have a set

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