Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Academic Organization

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CHAPTER 1 :INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction This chapter consists of seven sections. The first section explains the background of study. The second section contains the statement of the problem of this study whereas the third section stated the research objectives. The scope of this study is explained in the fourth section while the limitation of the study is explained in the fifth section. Then, the significant of the study are shown in the sixth section and the conclusion is elaborated in the last section. 1.2 Background Of Study Entrepreneurship is a crucial element for each country that aim to be competitive and developed within knowledge-based world economy. According to “Green Paper on Entrepreneurship in Europe” (2003) it defines entrepreneurship as “the mindset and process to create and develop economic activity by blending risk-taking, creativity and/ or innovation with sound management within a new or an existing organization”. Definition about entrepreneurial ecosystem is a system of entrepreneurship that is formed by the interaction of a community of organisms within the environment. Refer to the book “Fundamental of Entrepreneurship” “innovation can be defined as the process by which entrepreneurs convent opportunities(ideas) into marketable solutions. Innovation is commonly defined as ‘the introduction of something new or ‘a new way to doing something’. 1.3 Problem Statement / Question Of Study There are several

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