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Environmental Policy
There’s a Snake Eating my Dog!

The environmental stepwise process is a process people take to implement, assess, and interpret environmental related policies. The first step is to identify the problem, this is rather simple because there are lots of problems in our day-day lives. Next you have to Pinpoint the roots of the problem, followed by envisioning a solution for these problems. Now, a particular issue could have multiple causes, and thus multiple solutions. The you will get organized; when it comes to influencing policy, organizations are usually more successful than individual people are. The next step is the hardest, To cultivate access and influence. If you have a moving issue, influencing won't be so
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The government tends to look at things based on an “economical standpoint” that tends to run biased- as they tend to ignore the moral/ethical aspects of the issue at hand. However, citizens and businesses tend to APPEAR on the same side of the fence because businesses will do anything to give the customers, or citizens what they want. However, the sad reality is that many businesses Greenwash their products into seeming more environmentally friendly.
In our everglades and the surrounding areas of Florida, there is an ever-growing issue taking place. This is an issue that many people are aware of- and fear. They fear for their lives- but should they be afraid? Many people think that large constrictors are dangerous to humans, but little do people understand that they are JUST as dangerous as a feral cat or dog. I’m not saying you should go pick up a wild burmese python and take it home as a pet. However, what I am saying, is there have been some major overreactions to the invasion of large constrictors.
The large constrictor issue is suspected to have began with a breeding facility for large constrictors in the everglades. What happened was a complete accident. As common practice breeders keep their snakes in tubs on large racks, and it is rumored that during a hurricane the tubs of his breeding stock were knocked over and the large constrictors released into the everglades where they have since learned to
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