The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation

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The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation


24 November, 2014

The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation

In order to first start a policy process, the problem for which a policy is to be created must be identified and the policy holding a solution to the problem. Researchers and stakeholders will investigate the problem to identify if the policy will reach the policy making agenda. Policies must be to improve society’s health and wellbeing. In the United States (U.S.) public health related issues that require a formulation of a new policy and come from local, state, or federal legislations which ruling govern the provision of health care services and regulations. In this
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For this reason, and the unlikely chance that an outbreak would occur, setting this policy in place would be ideal for public and staff safety.
The first step in creating this a new policy is the idea on how to address the current problem. During this first step, brainstorming is often encouraged during the formulation process so that there is more than one potential solution to the problem (Lohrey, 2014). Another consideration for policy formulation is determining if the policy will need to involve local, state, and/or federal government involvement to be put on their agenda. There are many ways to approach any given problem, and during policy formation, relevant individuals (such as stakeholders and researchers) and groups will determine the different ideas to approach the proposed policy. An agenda is a set of problems that government wants to solve. Usually there are so many of them that they must be prioritized, with some problems getting earlier and more attention than others ("Policy Making: Political Interactions", 2014). Any sort of crisis that involves the direct safety of staff and patients will take priority over other issues. Since this policy is not a crisis, there is not a pressing issue on the policy makers’ agenda. Legislative Phase. During the
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