Environmental Destruction Of Southeast Asia

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Environmental Destruction in Southeast Asia
For a developing nation, the progression of its economy is crucial and the focus on the economies of Southeast Asia have taken the region as a whole quite far in a very impressive time period; however, the region must adapt to the problematic climate change issues of the world as it is still in its developing stage given that if the natural resources of the region are used up, there will not be very many sources to allow the region to sustain its economy upon.
Background information
Essentially all if not, most of the Southeast Asian nations lie amid the tropics, which inevitably results in similarities in the climate and wildlife through the entire region. The atmosphere is consistently warm with the exception of highland areas, in which the climate tends to be cooler. Southeast Asia is home to numerous goods/commodities that were exclusive to the region, which predictably made the region as a whole more coveted by traders from across the globe. As mentioned in the book Southeast Asia (Routledge Revivals): A Region in Transition, things like nutmeg, mace and cloves were formerly only available in the region of Southeast Asia in the nation of Maluku and the spice islands of eastern Indonesia. These commodities have helped the region prosper as a whole, the economy of Southeast Asian nations relies heavily upon the natural resources of the region. The natural resources have helped bring millions of people out of poverty,
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