Environmental Effects

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In the 1970’s, the United States Environmental Protection agency began giving permits to firms that allowed a certain amount of emission. Corporations could then sell and buy the permits on the, thus establishing a market where industries with emission levels that were difficult to limit could buy permits, while corporations that could cheaply reduce their emissions sold their permits. This was the first implementation of market-based tools in reducing industry's’ environmental impact.

In Europe, countries like France and Germany have tried imposing a tax on resources such as gasoline to limit corporation’s ability to create pollutants. One common flaw with this approach is that it tends to produce revenue for federal governments without …show more content…

Despite events such as this one and overwhelming support from the scientific community, the idea of global warming is not universally accepted.

The United States has regularly shown doubt that global warming is a legitimate concern, with Scott Pruitt, the current head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, stating that “The debate is far from settled.” in a recent Op-ed. This doubt is further illustrated by the United States’ recent announcement that they would be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Beyond skepticism about the legitimacy of the threat of global warming, there is the issue of economic growth and stability to consider. While some of the most developed economies in the world are capable of imposing limitations on their industries, not every country has this privilege. It is the responsibility of this committee to find solutions to ever more pressing concerns about the environment, while considering the capability and willingness of every nation to aid the effort.

Past UN Actions:

As mentioned previously, the United Nations has passed the Paris Climate Agreement, which was the first major effort to fight global warming and its consequences that included all nations.. The United States’ intent to withdraw from the agreement may be a blow to the potential success of the agreement, but the Paris Climate Agreement continues to acts as proof that nations can come together to act in a way that benefits the well-being of the

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