Environmental Hazards In New York

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What are some environmental hazards that facing people in your state?
The State of New York faces many environmental hazards, some of which include carbon emission, air pollutants, lead, or other toxic chemicals. According to NYC Mayor’s office of Sustainability, New York generates approximately 14 million tons of waste and recyclables each year. Sad to say, many toxic disposal and storage facilities (TDSF) are built in low-income neighborhood with lower-valued homes because these residing have less purchasing and political power to fight against it. In addition homeowners are responsible for a large percentage of toxic chemicals into the environment since they are required to use more energy. Facilities or locations for collecting household hazards waste, facilities for collecting non-manifested waste such as universal waste, sanitary landfills and trucks emit pollution and …show more content…

Unfortunately, the environment hazard that contribute to the most to cancer in New York is diesel emission.
What avenues that vulnerable populations and health care professionals can take to help repair and improve environmental hazards?
It is vitally import to recognize that being expose to pollutants occurs not only outside of buildings but inside them as well. Home environmental health risks and the pollution of indoor residential air are the sources of injury and increase causes of illness, particularly in vulnerable population such as pregnant women, infant, children, the elderly and those living with chronic medical condition or disability. Health care professionals such as nurses plays a vital role in the prevention, education, and the screening of activities for patients. Chronic, long-term exposure to indoor air pollutants have increasingly being recognized as threats to health. Deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning, sick building syndrome, and mold have been factors of environmental health

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