Environmental Hazards Of Cancer Caused By Environmental Toxins

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Ubiera 1
Valeria Ubiera
Professor Zoe DuPree Fine
WST 3324 Women, Environment, and Gender
09 July 2015

Cancer caused by environmental toxins in certain environments/communities The environment plays a huge part in our society, it is very much needed and includes everything we need to survive such as water, soil and air. Although the environment includes the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, exposure to chemicals, radiation and sunlight which can cause cancer. Benzene, asbestos, vinyl chloride, radon, and arsenic are just some of the toxins which may cause cancer. Carcinogens are any substance that cause cancer. It is due the disruption of cellular processes or mutation. The most main causing chemicals occur in workplaces where large amounts of toxic chemicals are used. The amounts of toxins found in food, air soil and water are not as high as you would find in the work environment in which it makes it very difficult to measure in work environments due to the fact that many other significant factors for example other than man-made pollutants that do determine a community’s cancer rates. The problem with Ubiera 2 cancer caused by environmental toxins in certain environments/communities is that people continue to die. “Some experts, including the President’s panel, say a decades-old estimate that six percent of cancer deaths are due to environmental and occupational exposures is outdated and far too low.” (Israel). These other

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