Environmental Issues And Is The Bright Future Possible?

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Environmental issues and is the bright future possible? The most global issue nowadays is our attitude to the nature. Like there is a grey barrier isolating us from each other, imprisoning us. Almost no one is critically engaged about our future and present, but is mostly concerned on his own problems. The damage caused by human is increased everyday more and more. Ocean system collapse, electronic and nuclear waste, deforestation, pollution and so on. People keep being concentrated. What is the role of state in any of these problems, what is our role, how we can help, our can we? Is not it too late to make a change in this situation. Most of the unique resources of the planet are gone forever. Maybe the most important factor is the overpopulation, which effects are quite severe. The depletion of resources is the first one of these effects. There is a limited amount of water and food, which the Earth produces is starting to fall short of the current needs. The growing number of people on the planet is the reason which leads to most of the environmental damage, seen in the last fifty years. People are causing pollution, cutting down forests, hunting wildlife, and creating a lot of problems. It can be noticed acts of aggression and violence have increased enormously while competing for resources. The world seems to get destroyed everyday more and more, like it is being cut on small pieces, falling in the darkness of our doomed fate. Despite these facts, there is a little…
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