Environmental Pollution In California Essay

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Environmental Pollution Recommendation on California For the past few years, the American Lung Association has been releasing its annual reports on the “State of The Air” that lists the most polluted cities in the United States. For instance, in 2014, out of the seven cities ranked to have the worst air quality, six of them are in California. The two major air pollution culprits in California are from the transportation sources such as trucks and cars, or from the stationary sources such as industrial facilities and refineries (Ierodiakonou, et al. 392). However, the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association includes other pollutants in their reports such as Sulphur(IV) oxide, Carbon(II) Oxide gas and Nitrogen(IV) Oxide from chemical industries, which also causes harm to human beings and the environment at large. Apparently, Ozone is a lung-searing gas, which brings irritations in the airways causing respiratory problems (Kim, et al. 137). In California, both ozone and particulate matters have increased the heart and respiratory diseases such as asthma, lung diseases, bronchitis and heart problems for both children and adults. Nevertheless, some of this other harmful gas such as Carbon(II) Oxide, Nitrogen(IV) Oxide, and Sulphur(IV) oxide has also brought about cardiovascular…show more content…
The first significant step is to clean up the diesel truck fleet to reduce the level of particulate matters. Another solution is replacing the fossil-fueled vehicles with zero-emission freight movement system like the electric trucks. Finally, install efficient sources of energy in our industries to reduce the emission of harmful gases in the air. For these strategies to be effective, the government through the environment regulating bodies should play a part in implementing these plans to prevent pollution and also introduce stern punishments to those who are responsible for air
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