Environmentalism as a Religion

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Environmentalism as religion
As global warming intensifies, glaciers melt and forests reduced,more and more people begin to be concerned about environment problem. Environment is the fundamental of our existence,so we need protect environment. Paul H. Rubin in his article “Environmentalism as religion” says “But there is another sense in which environmentalism is becoming more and more like a religion: It provides its adherents with an identity”(399). He thinks environmentalism like a religion, and environmentalism and religion have many same characteristic. I agree Rubin’s opinion. Like religion, environmentalism has difference tribe, environmentalist like a missionary, environmentalism and religion both have food taboos and they also …show more content…

But if we don’t protect earth, we will face more and more environment problem, global warming intensifies, glaciers melt and forests reduced. We can live in earth. So, if we protect environment, it will be better. Environmentalist also gives people a hope.
Rubin says, “There are food taboos. Instead of eating fish on Friday, or avoiding pork, Greens now eat organic foods and many are moving towards eating only locally grown

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