Epinephrene Research Paper

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epinephrine shot is appropriate treatment of anaphylaxis .
Keep the dose all the time with you if you are allergic to something.
If you don’t take the (epinephrene) then may the status will be worse and finally death
Anaphylaxis happen when the antibody ,which is substance usually strives infection , over react with harmless things in the body such as :food .
For children the food is the most common cause of it such as: peanut, fish ,eggs , and milk
For adults , medication is the first cause of allergy for example: penicillin, aspirin, ibuprofen
Itching ,burning, and flushing
Bluish discoloration around the lips
The face, tongue, and hands become bigger (swelling)
Weak or rapid pulse , and low blood pressure.
Squeezing sensation
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