Equal Pay Act Research Paper

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The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed with the intentions to give women the same, fair pay as men. Although the Equal Pay Act was passed, the wage gap is still ongoing. The wage gap is based on the difference of pay between men and women doing the same jobs. “Women make seventy-nine cent for every dollar that a male earns. This results in a wage gap of twenty-one percent. Leading to a gap of “380,000 dollars over her career” (Little 1). One can argue that this wage gap shows that men and women are not equals. Men and women work side by side, both of them doing the same jobs, yet women are continually paid less. The only explanation left is that women are not valued in the same way men are, meaning they are worth less than their male counterpart. The purpose of this poster is to show women what society believes their efforts in the workplace are worth. To date, there have been several theories as to why the wage gap exists, but none of the theories can account for the entire gap of twenty-one percent. The wage gap has existed since women entered the workforce. This problem stems from women being seen as inferior to men. A woman’s place for a very long time was in the home with their…show more content…
Society tries hard to make the wage gap seem like it does not exist, or that it only exists because of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. When in fact, there is no excuse as to why a woman should ever be paid less than man when they do the same job with the same amount of effort. It would be amazing if this one poster could strike a movement against gender wage discrimination, but it will not. What it will take is for women to take a stand against society so they are taken more seriously in the workplace, thus putting an end to gender wage discrimination so that everyone has the same opportunities to excel in
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