Equius's Sexuality: A Short Story

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For the longest time Equius had never really thought strongly about his sexuality, accepting whatever life had thrown at him, and it hadn't really thrown much his way. He even just assumed for the longest time he was as straight as an arrow due to a crush in his younger years overtaking his possible romantic life. Though when he finally had entered highschool he was thrown through a loop of sexual confusion. It taken many years for him to accept his sexuality, and many more to even find himself comfortable with his attractions. One of the many people that he had found himself attracted to was a man named Eridan Ampora. Though that didn't mean he had fawned over the thought of him simply glancing his way, nothing so childish as that. He just…show more content…
It wasn't his first thought to ask him out, but upon accidentally mentioning his interest in Eridan they highly recommended it. Afterwards Equius definitely didn't discuss this with Nepeta about how silly the idea was. He also definitely did not spend a little more time, than his usual, to pick out clothes for today. Nor did he begrudgingly ask a few of his more closer acquaintances on how to court the man, or at least try and approach him. No that would be silly and would mean that he had liked him far more than he had anticipated, he'd just simply let it slide off. Though that didn't mean he wasn't hoping for a date. -- Feferi had brought it upon herself to set up the little meet up, telling him exactly where he usually spent his time. So when she had given a small text telling him exactly where they were he was on the move. Taking no time to turn around the corner and lock eyes on where he was heading. He tried to ooze the confidence that he did not have for this meeting, watching as Feferi had left them alone. Fiddlesticks, he didn't know that was part of her plan. He could already feel himself get a little clammy at the turn of
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