Shore-Goss's Article A Queer Reading Of The Bible In Luke 24 : Book Analysis

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Robert E. Shore-Goss’s article A Queer Reading of the Emmaus story in Luke 24 describes the queer perspective on the passage in Luke. Robert explains a summary of the passage, and explains why the story may involve a queer couple. After the queer couple is addressed, the topic of queer churches was mentioned as a way to improve the LGBT community’s connection with God. In Luke 24:13-35, the story of the risen Jesus was explained, as was the aftermath of the event. Simply put, after Jesus died and was put in the tomb, a woman went looking to witness what had happened. When the woman saw an empty tomb she went on to explain to the town what she saw. Two men were taking on the walk to Emmaus, these men were claimed to be outside of the normal community, and were described as being a queer couple. The men encountered a stranger, who was the actual risen Christ. The two vent to the stranger about the death of their beloved God, not knowing that the stranger in which they are speaking to is him. The men invite the stranger to sleep and to enjoy a dinner with them. During the dinner the two men recognized rituals which were practiced in Jesus’ sermons. They soon realized that this stranger that they encounter on the streets was the one and only Jesus Christ. In this story of Luke, I believe that it is based on two queer men who are confused and having pain caused within their community; forcing them to become outsiders. Jesus recognizes the pain and grief that many experience on

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